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How to Use Thermal Water Spray to Soothe Sunburnt Skin and Refresh Your Companion

Thermal water sprays have become a must-have in every beauty bag. Not only do they soothe sunburned skin, refresh your complexion and set makeup, but they’re all infused with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that will leave your skin looking vibrant, dewy and refreshed.

How To Use It

After getting out of the shower or tub, spritz your face with thermal water for moisture and refreshing. The antioxidants in the water can also shield your skin from UV rays. Alternatively, apply it onto a cotton ball and lightly dab it over your skin as an alternative to moisturizer or after-sun spray.

You can also add a few drops of thermal water to your makeup for additional moisture and protection against drying or flaking. The water acts as a setting spray, making it ideal if you’re wearing heavy foundation or concealer.

How To Use It For Skin Conditions

Water can help reduce redness and inflammation in your skin if you suffer from dry, itchy conditions like eczema or psoriasis. It could also improve hydration levels in dry or oily skin types.

How To Utilize It For Dark Circles

If you struggle with dark circles under your eyes, try spritzing thermal water around them before going to bed. This will help constrict blood vessels, reduce puffiness and improve circulation.

Applying Aloe vera gel to the neck and chest before applying cosmetics or perfume can help hydrate and tighten skin, which is beneficial for any area of the body that feels tired or swollen.

How To Use It For Nighttime

In the evening, lightly mist a few drops of thermal water onto your skin to hydrate and brighten it before bed. The mineral-rich formula can help repair skin’s moisture barrier while keeping makeup in place, so you can rest easy knowing your face looks healthy and refreshed at night.

How To Use It For All Skin Types

Thermal water can benefit all skin types, especially sensitive, irritated or acne-prone ones. By restoring the natural lipid balance in your complexion, thermal water helps soothe irritation and prevent breakouts while providing relief from rosacea, psoriasis or other skin conditions. It’s an ideal choice for those suffering from rosacea, psoriasis or other skin ailments.

How To Use Thermal Water For Dark Eyes

A few drops of thermal water spritzed onto skin can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and creases around the eyes. It also moisturizes and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

How To Utilize It For Makeup

When your makeup needs an extra boost of moisture and you’re short on time, try applying a few drops of thermal water onto your complexion before applying foundation or concealer. You could even use it as a finishing mist if wearing a long-lasting finisher, or if you need to refresh your style quickly due to an impending deadline.

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