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Green Wedding With Eco Paper and Flowers

Are you an environmentally-minded bride or just want to reduce wedding waste, there are plenty of eco-friendly solutions that will still create a stunning event without harming the planet. Here are some simple yet powerful ideas on how you can make your big day as green as possible:

Start with Your Gown

Your wedding dress is an investment piece of clothing that will last a lifetime, and if you shop for sustainable designers it can even be made from natural materials. Popular eco-friendly options include Reformation, The Cotton Bride, Celia Grace and Christy Dawn – just to name a few! For beautiful yet budget friendly options check out Reformation, The Cotton Bride, Celia Grace or Christy Dawn to name just a few!

Select a Sustainable Florist

Sustainable florists are becoming more and more popular for weddings, so be sure to select one who supports local farms and works with eco-friendly flower growers. Unfortunately, many of the flowers used at weddings are transported from great distances then heavily sprayed with chemicals – an unsustainable practice that harms all ecosystems on our planet. It is essential that you select a florist dedicated to sustainability when planning your big day!

Choose potted flowers or plants

Flowers and plants make wonderful wedding centerpieces, but can also be used to adorn tables or take home after the event. When selecting greenery for a centerpiece, opt for varieties grown locally and in season to minimize travel expenses.

Use Biodegradable Paper

Instead of using traditional paper, opt for eco-friendly options that will break down quickly over time. Some eco-friendly papers are even made from recycled products like old books or newspapers.

Print Your Invitations on Seed Paper

Looking to add a unique touch to your invitations? Why not print them on seed paper that will sprout into flowers when planted by guests? There are plenty of companies that specialize in this kind of wedding stationery, such as Botanical Paperworks and Etsy shops.

Send Virtual Invitations and Save the Dates

It may not be common, but sending your wedding invitations by email can significantly reduce paper usage. Plus, many guests are now able to RSVP electronically – saving on postage costs as well as environmental waste.

Maintain an Eco-Friendly Atmosphere

For large wedding events, having a designated bin for recyclables and other waste can be beneficial. Furthermore, inform guests that they should bring their own containers and utensils to the reception so that there’s no need to throw anything away during the celebration.

Give Your Guests a Bag of Snacks

In addition to the welcome bags that are typically distributed at events, you can also send your guests organic or locally sourced snacks in glass jars. This is much more eco-friendly than providing individual-wrapped treats which will end up in the trash.

Go Green With Your Menu

If you plan on serving meals at the wedding, ensure they are organic, local and non-GMO. If your venue offers onsite catering service, inquire if they use sustainable food sources or can provide you with a list of top local restaurants in town.

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